What consequences am I facing for my first time DUI in Arizona?

NOTE: The sentence guidelines below presuppose a completely clean felony record. Historical priors may significantly enhance any felony sentence.


JAIL: Range of 10 to 180 days in jail. Minimum of 10 consecutive days in jail. The court may suspend 9 of the 10 days if you agree to get an alcohol and/or drug evaluation and submit to treatment.

FINES & COST: Approximately $1,800, plus jail costs. The more jail time that is imposed, the greater the cost.

LICENSE: The MVD will suspend your drivers’ license for 90 days. You may be eligible for a work/school permit after the first 30 days of the suspension.

COUNSELING: If convicted you must get a substance abuse evaluation and comply with any recommendation or be subject to additional jail time.

PROBATION: You may be placed on probation for up to five years.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: The court may order you to perform community service in addition to any other penalty imposed.

MADD VICTIMS IMPACT PANEL: The court may order you to attend one or more sessions of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victims Impact Panel.

IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE: Required for 12 months.

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DUI Penalties, First Offense Impaired To The Slightest Degree

Arizona has the toughest DUI consequences in the United States for a first time and repeats offenders.  If convicted of a DUI in Arizona you face mandatory jail, fines, ignition interlock and DUI classes.  All misdemeanor DUIs have the mandatory jail and Felony DUIs could have mandatory prison time.  In addition, DUIs have severe MVD drivers license consequences that could cause you to lose your drivers license. Let’s take a look at some of the consequences for a first time DUI in Arizona.


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