Underage Driver causes extensive damage – Phoenix

A 17 year old driver lost control of her vehicle and crashed her car into a bus stop, causing lots of damage and injuring an innocent bystander. The accident took place on Cave Creek Road near Seventh Street in Phoenix. Luckily, the bystander was able to move out of the way partially, prior to impact.

According to police reports, the driver was not intoxicated and lost control of her vehicle due to speeding. Therefore, no DWI charges were given and the 17 year old is facing misdemeanor traffic related charges and received a ticket for speeding and losing control of the vehicle.

The pedestrian was treated for non life threatening injuries at a local hospital. Had the pedestrian not been fortunate enough to dodge the vehicle, the driver would have been charged with vehicular homicide. Vehicular homicide cases are those which involve the death of another person using a vehicle.

Vehicular homicide cases usually have three levels. The lesser charge for vehicular homicide applies when the death is a result of the inability to predict the outcome of the actions of the driver, or the lack of their actions. In such cases, the charge of negligent homicide applies. Had the pedestrian died when the 17 year old lost control of her vehicle, it would have been a case of negligence homicide as the driver was unable to control the vehicle.

In the case the driver was intoxicated and caused death of another person, the charges would have been much serious. In drunken driving cases, the driver loses their drivers license immediately, are arrested, and can also face jail time. Since the driver was not driving under the influence in this case, she was not charged or arrested for DWI.

The driver is likely facing traffic related misdemeanor charges. However, since details are not available whether the driver was just speeding or it was a case of high speed and reckless driving, a felony charge cannot be given. But considering the amount of damage which was done to the bus stop as well, chances are that the driver might face more serious reckless driving ticket.

The driver will also be facing other civil charges and restitution for medical bills could be pursued by the bystander who became a victim to the driver’s reckless driving. The civil case can be brought to trial by the victim or the victim’s family and the issue is taken to court. However, if the victim and his family decide not to take the matter to court, then the driver will be lucky enough not to face any kind of civil charges. Had it been the case of drunk driving, it would have been treated as a criminal case which is brought to trial by the state.

In the state of Arizona, reckless driving is considered a misdemeanor and the charges come with heavy fines. In serious cases, reckless driving in Phoenix could lead to the impounding of the vehicle and the driver facing jail time. Auto accidents also impact the insurance rates heavily, therefore, it is important that you get in touch with a Phoenix reckless driving lawyer to help you reduce the charges and cope with the problems associated with a speeding ticket.

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