Two Suspects Arrested for Recent Credit Card Theft in Phoenix Area

Officers in Scottsdale nabbed a pair of credit card thieves as they followed up on a lead provided by the public.  The two suspects are Thomas Kramer and Kasandra Martin.  Thomas and Kasandra were videotaped in a Lowe’s store in Phoenix using the stolen credit cards for their purchases.  They also used the credit cards for buying gasoline at an area station.

The credit cards they were using were stolen from Mazda on December 30th which was parked in driveway.  Along with the credit cards they stole additional other personal items from the car.  The pair was initially charged with credit card theft, but you can expect other charges to be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

How Many Charges May the Pair Face?

Start thinking about all the possible charges this couple may face.

The charges could include many of the following:

  • Credit Card Theft
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Forgery
  • Burglary

They potentially damaged or vandalized the car.  They are already charged with credit card theft, and may possibly face charges of credit card fraud for the actual use of the cards.  You can then add in potential charges for identity theft crimes, since in order to use the credit cards they would intentionally be taking on the identity of the person the cards were stolen from.  As you can see, their theft from an automobile could quickly escalate into numerous charges extending their fines and potential time in jail.

It is most likely the prosecutor will examine the evidence gathered by the police and choose the most severe and easily provable crime and focus on it.  This increases the odds of an easy conviction and harsh penalty.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Unravel Truth from Tactics

Both Thomas and Kasandra should be immediately consulting with a criminal defense attorney to explore their options.  By initial reports the evidence against them is very strong, but there could be numerous technicalities which could reduce their penalties or eliminate certain charges.

A qualified defense attorney will listen closely to their side of the story, review the facts, and then give a recommendation on how to proceed.  In cases with strong evidence the attorney may recommend pleading guilty and seeking a reduced sentence for the crime.

This case of credit card theft in Phoenix was solved very quickly due to the suspects boldly using the cards.  This allows the credit card companies and police detectives to quickly find the suspects and in this case capture them in the act of committing additional crimes on video.

In many cases of credit card theft the thieves are much smarter.  They avoid public use of the cards trying to find ways to purchase products or get cash without exposing themselves to detection.  A constant in most crimes involving credit card theft is the fact other criminal offences occur causing a rapid escalation in penalties.  Defense attorneys are the only people qualified to help someone unravel whether the charges they are facing are correct or not.

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