Top Spots for Auto Thefts in Phoenix

Greater Phoenix area suffers from a very high rate of auto thefts. In fact, it is considered to have a considerably higher rate of auto theft as compared to most other states in the United States. This crime affects almost all drivers in Phoenix, in the form of higher auto insurance rates. It is known that the proximity of the state to Mexico may have something to do with the higher auto theft rate, because most vehicles are stolen for the sale of spare parts or taken across the border for sale.

In the state of Arizona, you could become a victim of auto theft almost anywhere, whether you are shopping at the mall buying groceries, running an errand during the day or having dinner at a restaurant. You might not even know and your car could be across the border by the time you realize it is stolen. Due to the high theft rate, a number of local and state initiatives have been implemented to deal with the problem.

As a citizen of the state, it is your responsibility too to make sure that you are aware of the top spots for auto theft, as by knowing them, you can stay on alert and avoid your vehicle being stolen. You can also take some precautions to lessen the chance of your vehicle being stolen. These steps include:

  • Installing a steering wheel lock to deter amateur auto-thieves
  • Installing an anti auto theft device
  • Having additional hood and trunk locks installed on your vehicle
  • Using tire lock especially if your vehicle is parked a lot of the time
  • Having a car alarm installed with a backup source of power
  • Using vehicle tracker device on your vehicle to help the police track your vehicle if it is ever stolen

Installing these safety locks and devices will not only lower the chances of your vehicle being stolen, but it will also lower your auto insurance rates considerably. You should also keep the car keys with you in your pocket if you have to park the car and go for some errands and never leave valuables in the car as it encourages “smash and grab” opportunists. You should also be aware of the top spots provided by police departments which have the highest number of recorded auto thefts. According to statistics, these places in Phoenix are:

  • Metrocenter located west of I-17 between Dunlap and Peoria Avenues
  • Desert Sky Mall which is a large regional shopping mall in west Phoenix, Arizona
  • Arrowhead Towne Center, a regional enclosed shopping mall located in Glendale, Arizona
  • Arizona Mills, an indoor outlet mall in Tempe, Arizona
  • Paradise Valley Mall, the shopping mall located in northeastern Phoenix, Arizona

Apart from these places, some other locations like Durango and 35th Avenue, 70th Avenue and Indian School Road and 75th Avenue, Encanto Blvd., 44th Street and Baseline Road and 83rd Avenue and Thomas Road are also top spots for auto thefts.

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