Tips for Selecting a Successful DUI Lawyer in Arizona

Being arrested for DUI in Arizona is a serious legal matter to face, and those who have been charged with this crime need to obtain the help of an experienced Arizona DUI lawyer as soon as possible for many reasons.  In general, the penalties that could be imposed even for a first-time conviction are as severe as anywhere in the United States, and below you’ll find some basic ideas to consider as you search for a Phoenix DUI lawyer.


Finding a DUI lawyer in Phoenix should start with obtaining an understanding of an attorney’s experience.  This experience should be specific to your case, meaning that if you face a first, second or even subsequent offense you need to be represented by a Phoenix DUI lawyer who has handled that specific matter many times in the past.  There are many nuances and norms involved with these prosecutions, and your legal rights should not depend on someone’s learning curve.


The Arizona DUI lawyer population is relatively small, which means that every DUI lawyer in Phoenix, every Tempe DUI lawyer and every Mesa DUI lawyer has earned a reputation that will precede him or her before a matter moves very far forward.  This reputation can be critical in terms of the overall result of a case because if the prosecutors understand that a Phoenix DUI lawyer is someone who is known for his or her talent in the courtroom, they could be more open to a negotiated result that avoids trial in some cases.

Legal Knowledge

The DUI laws in Arizona have changed rapidly in recent years, and these changes involve not only the potential penalties, but also the procedures that are used to bring a case to a conclusion.  Anyone who has been charged with this crime needs to have the help of a DUI lawyer in Phoenix who is up to date on these changes and who can strategically plan a defense around the rules that will govern a case.


One thing that’s widely known about prosecutors around the United States is that they will simply not rest until a matter is completed.  Therefore, a suspect who has been charged with this crime needs to have an Arizona DUI lawyer who will be just as relentless and diligent when it comes to every case he or she handles.  Often times, when a prosecutor understands that a DUI lawyer in Phoenix will simply not acquiesce to the demands of that office, the matter can move towards a resolution.

Overall, being charged with this crime requires immediate action in order to protect your legal rights.  If you or someone you love faces this difficult situation, you need to obtain the help of an Arizona DUI lawyer who has been fighting successfully for the rights of the accused for many years.  Contact the Law Offices of Douglas A. Schwab today to schedule an initial consultation.

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