I found the law office of MUNOZ law firm to be extremely helpful. As a good citizen I was very embarasses to have gotten an extreme DUI. The employees at MUNOZ law firm made me feel comfortable to be myself. I would recommend them to anyone. I dont ever want to see them again, but they were the most shining part of my entire experience in the court system. – D.B.

Now that I am completing all my classes and jail time (next week), I can retrospectively look back and tell you Mike that you have been great. I honestly cannot thank you enough. I am sure you hear that a lot in passing. But this thing has changed my life, and having you there was priceless. Your rapport was the reason I chose you, and it goes without saying, is excellent. ” – D.L May, 2012 (Extreme DUI Dismissed)

I had the privilege of working with Michael Munoz for over a year on a Felony DUI case. During that time, he acted not only as my attorney but also as someone I would consider to be a friend. Going through a DUI case can be extremely intimidating, confusing, and generally one of the worst experiences of your life. Mike took the time to explain the details of every situation and potential outcome to me so that I was comfortable and informed in my decisions. He gave me honest opinions and realistic possibilities. But, most importantly, he cared. It is obvious that Mike puts his heart and soul into each case, and if you want to be represented by an attorney who will go above and beyond for you, Michael Munoz is your ONLY choice. His previous experience as a prosecutor allows him many contacts throughout the Maricopa County Attorney Office that help to lengthen his reach and improve his client’s chances for a better outcome. He is familiar with the different players and can speak with them on a different level than other attorneys. My results were the best possible outcome I could have imagined and I would recommend Michael Munoz to anyone I know who finds themselves in a legal bind. I cannot thank Mike enough for everything he did for me.– P.B. June 19, 2012

“If you get a DUI you need a lawyer, not just any lawyer you need Mike Munoz. He will take the worry away by explaining to you exactly what is going to happen. More than that he will make sure that it does by working behind the scenes following up with the courts and the MVD to make sure everything is in place. He will be there for you every step of the way and he will do his best to make sure that the outcome of your case is the best possible one it can be. He stays with you until everything is resolved including taking care of the MVD which is entirely a separate issue than just the courts. I would highly recommend Mike Munoz to anyone needing a lawyer.” J.R. 1/4/2012

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for all that you have done in representing me in my DUI case. You have been beyond helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process, and have followed through on your word of doing everything possible to lessen the impact of DUI on my work, school, and home life. I was impressed by how informative you were upon our initial phone conversation – not to mention the advice you offered having yet to even been retained by me. Above all else, I was especially appreciative of the handful of occasions you didn’t hesitate to sacrifice a bit of time away from your family to address my concerns off hours as my work and school schedule dictated. I now look forward to your continued advisement as I enter the sentencing phase of my case; and though it is my hope that none such DUI circumstances befall any friends, family, or co-workers, I would heartily refer them to your expertise. – Craig

After I was charged with a DUI in Tempe last year, my family contacted the Munoz Law Office. I was quite scared at that time, but Mr. Munoz put me to ease by ensuring me of a better outcome. The staff at his office was very cooperative throughout the entire process. Eventually my case was dismissed. I feel fortunate to have chosen such strong legal defense. I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to refer his services to a friend or a family member.” – J. – 6/2/11

Honest and effective! I hired Michael to handle my DUI and from the very beginning he made me feel comfortable. I had consultations with other attorneys and they talked about how aggressive they were but would give me no real information of what I was facing. Michael explained everything to me and walked me through all the MVD issues. In the end my Extreme DUI was compleely dismissed and all I pled to was weaving within my lane. I would recommend Michael to anyone dealing with a DUI. It was the scariest time in my life.– M. – 5/27/11

Hiring Munoz Law Office was the best choice I ever made! Michael went to great lengths to get the best results for my case and I could not be happier. Thank you to Michael and the helpful staff at Munoz Law Office. – K. – 4/26/11

Definitely a very great lawyer. Mr. Munoz helped me with my Aggravated D.U.I. He was straight forward and was able to tell me some of my options on our first meeting. He was very helpful in keeping me calm and putting my heart at rest. I am able to sleep at night finaly. Thank you Mr. Munoz. I think you are the best. – Sincerely, Steven D – 3/28/11

I am glad I hired attorney Michael Munoz, what I liked most is his personal attention. He is always available when you have a question and he is honest. He always tell you the truth and he really cares about you. He fought hard for me and was able to get my charge dismissed so I could plea to a speeding ticket only. Michael’s fees were reasonable and I would Highly recommend. – Sincerely N. Barrera – 3/4/11

One of the first things Mike said to me was “Let me do the worrying for you.” Obviously, this is a difficult thing to do since we all worry about the outcome of any court case we or someone we know may be involved in. I still worried but trusted Mike completely and knew he would do the best job he could. Ultimately, Mike did a fabulous job handling my case. I was originally charged with DUI and speeding. Mike was able to get the DUI dismissed completely which was the greatest relief for me. I was left with the speeding ticket and I was able to take a defensive driving class so that I didn’t get any points on my license. I would, and will, recommend Mike to anyone I know who needs a great defense attorney. Mike is a true pleasure to work with. He’s honest from the start and really cares about his clients. – D. – 1/10/11

This year the unimaginable happened to me and I was in need of a Lawyer. I was stressed out and felt helpless. The courtroom was a foreign place to me. I knew that I needed somebody to help me, who knows the law and has experience. That’s when I heard about Mr. Munoz from the Munoz Law Office. In talking with Mr. Munoz he immediately put my mind at ease. He was so easy to talk to and highly knowledgeable about the situation I was in. Talk about refreshing!! Mr. Munoz was professional and took my case without hesitating. I felt relaxed in the courtroom with Mr. Munoz at my side, representing myself and my case. His kindness and friendliness made him well liked among those having to deal with him. He is confident yet not arrogant and genuinely loves what he does. Mr. Munoz also knows many of the prosecutors and has an outstanding reputation with them. In fact he ran in a recent election for Justice of the Peace, running the closest race, his opponent winning by a small percentage. A campaign, a new father to a beautiful son, still Mr. Munoz made time to fight my case. Mr. Munoz fought long and hard in order to get the outcome we wanted. He listened and he conquered!! I can now fulfill my career goal in becoming a successful nurse and can put the past behind me. Thanks again Mr. David Michael Munoz, you truly are the BEST!! Rebecca.

Hi Michael, just to let you know that a co-worker of mine said her ex husband just got a DUI. He is from Globe. Also, he is a fireman and paramedic but still got the DUI. I gave your name to my co-worker and said that you did all the right things for me including maneuvering me through the MVD.

I told her that to go through the gauntlet alone was a bad mistake. He needed to get someone who knows the ins and outs of the system and I saidthat my experience with you was spot on. I couldn’t have done it without your expertise and understanding. You were never judgmental and neverguaranteed me anything.

You were always realistic but very supportive. The day I called you and spoke to you assured me that I made the rightdecision. The outcome only supports that. Thanks again. – R.F. – 6/8/11

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your legal services in handling my son’s drug charges. Having never experienced any kind of criminal charges in my family or extended family I was quite naive about the criminal justice system, all I knew was what I had seen on television. We initially thought that a court appointed attorney would be able to help him resolve the charges against him but as things became more complicated it was evident that he was not going to get the individualized attention that his case required. Your attention to all the details, excellent advice and assistance in navigating this very difficult and precarious court system was invaluable. I also wanted to thank you for your sincere belief in my son’s recovery, your honest advice, positive outlook and your diligence in pursuing the best possible outcome for him. I truly believe that without your help he would not have the second chance he has today. Thank you – RD – 6/21/11

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