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Driving Under the Influence in Phoenix or a Phoenix DUI could be charged in two ways. The first way is not as severe as the second way. The first way is termed driving impaired. When you are charged with driving impaired this means your capacity to operate a vehicle has been reduced because of drinking alcohol or drugs. Because you’re not breaking the “per se” statute, driving impaired is not as significant a criminal offense as DUI.

Phoenix drunk driving laws cover just about anything that requires a license to operate. This would apply to cars, watercraft, motorbikes, and may even expand to bicycles. That might seem difficult to believe, but it is true. Whenever you’re intoxicated by a substance that reduces your mental ability to use a motor vehicle, you are susceptible to Phoenix DUI laws and regulations. The most frequent drug reported in examples of DUIs is alcohol. But, some other common drugs such as tranquilizers, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, and cocaine are also prevalent.

Phoenix DUI laws forbid driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or more. For anyone who is pulled over while driving a motor vehicle and has a BAC of .08 % or more, you will be arrested and charged with DUI.

Phoenix DUI Penalties and Process

The fines and punishments pertaining to a Phoenix DUI usually vary based on the circumstances of the criminal offense, and whether there’s a track record of earlier infractions.

Even if it is your very first DUI, you should look at this as a serious issue. The punishment for a DUI even for the first offender is pretty severe. You are looking at a large fine and loss of your driving rights. Other limitations may also be enforced upon you too. So, even if this is your very first DUI, it’s essential to consider this to be a serious predicament.

On a good note, if this is your first DUI, odds are you won’t spend any time in jail after you make bail. This certainly not the case however when there is a critical accident including injuries or death.

Phoenix DUI cases are normally misdemeanors, although they can be dealt with as felonies if: 1. If in the last five years you’ve been found guilty of 2 or more DUIs. This applies even if the DUI was in some other state besides Arizona. 2. If you have had your drivers permit suspended and you’re driving under the influence 3. A child under the age of fifteen was in the car at the time of the drunk driving offense.

A much more serious charge of 3rd degree murder or vehicular homicide could be the end result when there is loss of life from the drunk driving.

When you stand trial for a Phoenix DUI, you’ve got the legal right to a jury trial. You may waive the legal right to a jury trial and have the judge to decide the case.

Phoenix DUIs are common. Because there are many people who are charged with this crime, there are a number of Phoenix DUI lawyers that can help someone in their defense. There are many DUI lawyers that specialize entirely in representing individuals with such charges. These lawyers are often called ‘DUI attorneys’. Because driving under the influence is a significant charge, it is strongly suggested that you meet with a legal professional at your earliest convenience after getting a DUI.

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