Phoenix Dui Attorney — Choice Conditions

If you are asking yourself that question, chances are that you do need a Dui Attorney. There are a lot of things to consider before you decide to face the law without the assistance of an attorney. Most of the things to consider are what can you afford as far as fines and how much jail time is lurking in your future.

If you are ultimately going to have to spend money, spend it on someone that can truly be of service to you. Someone who is familiar with your type of case will be more beneficial than someone who is assigned your case. The private attorneys have chosen the field and therefore are more knowledgeable. A knowledgeable Phoenix Dui Attorney will know which facts are pertinent to bring out in the testimony of law enforcement aw well as witnesses. He/she will also know when to challenge that testimony. Knowing what evidence is available is key to helping your case and will enable him as to when to file specific motions. It is also vitally important to be able to judge the value of each witnesses testimony.

If you choose to work with a large law firm, keep in mind that the person you interview may not be the same one who will represent you in court. Often times, the higher level lawyers will handle the initial consultations. If you chose to work with their firm, your case may be handed down to a junior associate within the company. This is not always a bad thing, but you want to inquire about who you would be working with if you decide to hire a certain law firm. An alternative would be to select a Dui Attorney who works alone, or go with an agency with few lawyers so that you can speak with the person you will be working with.

Third, gauge out how motivated the Phoenix Dui Attorney is in helping you. There are bad examples of attorneys where they simple give you a consultation and hand over your case to somebody else in the office.

Some attorneys are also not willing to do the extra work and look for the small disparities such as breathalyzer inaccuracy that can make your charge void.

Driving under the influence can cost you your credibility. You job can be at risk, stress on your family is tough and if the offense has caused serious injury or death, you should realize that you will have to spend the rest of your life with that memory. While the cost for the services of a Phoenix Dui Attorney may seem extremely high when you first inquire, it should give you pause to consider the alternatives. It should also inform you as to the seriousness of the offense and how simple it would have been to avoid it.

Attorneys do not thrive on irresponsible clients, but they are dedicated to helping people to avoid unfair judgments in any possible way. There are no public defenders that will give you the dedication of a paid attorney. Be smart and have a designated driver to do the driving on the occasions when you may be consuming alcohol.

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