The Munoz Law Office has experience handling a wide range of issues to help protect your drivers license with the MVD.  If you have received a letter from the MVD that says your driving privilege is going to be suspended call our office and we can explain your rights.

Types of MVD Drivers License Issues:

  • Suspensions
    • Administrative Per Se 90 day suspension (Admin Per Se)
    • Implied Consent – 12 month suspension
    • Points Suspension
    • Juvenile Suspension
  • Ignition Interlock Device Suspension or Extensions
  • License Revocations
    • Revocation Packets and Restoring your Drivers license
  • License Restrictions
  • License Cancelations

MVD Executive Hearing Office

If you have received a corrective action notice (letter) informing you that your drivers license is going to be suspended/canceled/revoked/
restricted you may have the right to a hearing to fight the action.  The Munoz Law office has experience challenging these actions by the MVD.  Call our office and we can explain your rights to a hearing with the MVD and develop a strategy to fight your suspension.

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