How can a Professional Attorney Help you in a Tempe DUI case?

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Tempe it doesn’t mean you will be convicted, or in the worst feared scenario serve a jail time. Owing to the individual circumstances of every DUI case the outcome can be different case by case. So your DUI case pretty much depends on the specific circumstances and the alleged DUI charges associated to your particular instance.

However due to the recent changes in the Tempe’s (Arizona’s DUI) laws you may be faced with some higher fines and harsher punishments. With the higher stakes you simply cannot take a DUI arrest in Tempe lightly.

With the state prosecutors doing their best to build a stronger case against you, it wouldn’t do you much good if you’re unaware of the complicated turns and twists of Tempe DUI Law. With an experienced DUI attorney well versed in Tempe DUI law defending your case, you stand a better chance of beating the odds towards a favorable outcome

One important aspect related to your DUI case is that your attorney (using his experience) be able to highlight the more feasible alternatives to your possible sentence

An experienced DUI attorney in Tempe would know the track record of the prosecutor’s successful convictions. So he might have a head start in initiating a plea that would allow you to a quicker restoration of your normal life.

Mostly DUI cases are built on the results of breathe tests, and these tests are done by blowing into the breathe test machines. Having a record of the breathe tests, and the maintenance history of these machines could be very important. If the particular machine used to test your breath has a problem, or had any problems in the past, that part of evidence may go in your favor.

Even a failed field sobriety test could go your way if your DUI attorney could prove the results invalid due to the undue stress. It’s quite understandable that being pulled over by an officer (with flashing lights and the sirens) and faced by an armed officer on the side of a dark road can stressful and a DUI suspect reactions may be influenced.

Small details can make a big difference to the outcome of your DUI case. In most cases an experienced DUI attorney would rely on these small details that may well be the reason of a favored sentence.

Tempe DUI Consequences

The consequences of a Tempe DUI case differ case by case depending on the circumstances of a particular incident. A DUI conviction is dependant to many factors, like the amount of alcohol in your system at the time of arrest, your past DUI history and of course the prevailing law.

Similarly the DUI penalties may also vary, like jail time, loss of driving license, higher auto insurance rates, state required rehabilitation courses, or a criminal record.

A Tempe DUI lawyer can help you in reducing the negative impacts of a DUI arrest not only on your immediate life but also on your future life.

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