Former War Veteran Murders Wife then Turns Himself – Phoenix

Former-War-Veteran-Murders-Wife-then-Turns-Himself-PhoenixFormer DOC Officer Anthony Rinaldi entered a not guilty plea on charge of second-degree murder in connection with the death of his wife.

28-year-old Amanda Rinaldi was found shot to death inside the garage of their Ahwatukee home. Shortly after the shooting, Rinaldo turned himself in to the police by calling 911.

According to reports, a call from a child was made to 911 reporting that someone had been shot. When emergency responders arrived at the house, they discovered the body of Amanda Blaies-Rinaldi in the garage and two children inside the home. Both the children were unharmed but Rinaldo had fled from the scene after the shooting.

About five minutes after the fire department was called, another call was made to 911, this time by a man. The call was made by Rinaldi himself, who called to report that he shot his wife three times. Rinaldi had pulled over on Interstate 10 near 16th Street when the Public Safety officer arrived. According to reports, there was a loaded handgun in the car with Rinaldi at the time of his arrest.

“She is definitely dead – I put two to the chest and one to the head,” Rinaldi told the Department of Public Safety officer. Rinaldi was arrested less than 30 minutes after fatally shooting his wife.

26-year-old Rinaldi also told the detectives that he “snapped” as the two of them were arguing earlier at home and that his “military training kicked in” before he gunned down his wife.

Although he turned himself in for killing his wife, Rinaldi claimed that he is innocent of second degree murder. As Rinaldi plead not guilty, no specific information was provided to support it. Many believe that he may use post traumatic stress as a defense, which is a type of anxiety disorder that is often a result of war. Victims of post traumatic stress experience disturbing memories which often cause the victims to relieve stressful incidents. Studies also show that there may be a link between domestic violence and post traumatic stress. In such a case, getting help from a Phoenix murder attorney would help build Rainald’s case.

However, as unfortunate as it might seem, in Rainald’s case, the murder does not come as a surprise to some. Amanda’s family members, specifically her mother says she noticed holes in the family home’s walls and also said that Rinaldi was often angry. Other family members also support that this case was the result of domestic issues within the household. Even the couple’s elementary aged son also feared their father’s violence and worried that he might kill their mother.

In the case if Rinaldi is found not guilty of second-degree murder, a Phoenix murder attorney may be able to get Rinaldi a reduced charge of manslaughter. The charge will still include prison time, but the sentencing range will drop to 7-21 years.

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