Famous Cardinals’ star Clark Haggans Convicted for Drunk Driving in Arizona..

Arizona’s renowned sports star, Clark Haggans, was arrested for drunk driving on Wednesday after being pulled over by the cops over a traffic violation in Arizona.

The Cardinals linebacker, who is also a former member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, also faced a range of other penalties which include serving forty eight hours of community service at the Westmoreland County Prison, paying a hefty fine of $702, and attending a seven-day work release at the prison in order to avoid serving all of his jail time in Arizona, where he was convicted for drunken driving in Chandler on April 21, 2011.

According to Chandler Municipal Court documents, the sports star was sentenced to 45 days in jail, a fine of $3,229 and counseling treatment. The sentence called for nine days in custody and 36 days of home detentions, said Carla Boatner, court administrator for the Chandler Municipal Court.

Haggans paid his fine and completed his counseling treatment in Arizona, but was allowed by a judge to complete his jail time in Pennsylvania, Boatner said.

According to Haggans’ agent’s statement posted on the popular social networking website, Twitter, the sports star was hastening towards his home after a concert after receiving a call from the family babysitter, who said his 5-year-old daughter was suffering from severe breathing problems.

According to a statement by Joe Favazzo, spokesman for the Chandler Police Department, Haggans’ had crossed a red light and was subsequently stopped by the police for extreme DUI, driving over the speed limit and breaking traffic rules.

Speaking to the press, Haggans said “in hindsight, I should have found another way home, and I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Although Haggans pleaded guilty to extreme DUI, he had all the other charges dismissed in light of the reasonable circumstances related to his daughter.

Haggans’ agent, Jeff Sperbek, said Haggans is serving the sentence almost a year later because it took time to reach a mutual sentence agreement with the court. Cardinals spokesman Mark Dalton said the team had been notified of the 2011 incident and has since followed the case.

The NFL did not comment on the case and did not indicate any punishment against the player. The Cardinals re-signed Haggans to a one-year contract for the upcoming season. He began his NFL career with the Steelers after being drafted in the fifth round of the 2002 NFL draft. He was on the Steelers’ Super Bowl XL team against the Seattle Seahawks in 2006.

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