›››The following content is an excerpt from a live interview with Richard Jacobs founder of my DUI Attorney dot org. The interview has been transcribed and contains information for educational purposes only. Please call Michael Munoz to get legal advice for your particular situation

Interviewer: What’s the law surrounding minors in consumption of alcohol?

Munoz: Well, because of Arizona State University and some big schools, there are a lot of underage people who drink alcohol. What they don’t know is if you drink alcohol and are arrested, you could be charged with Minor Consumption of Alcohol. It is a Class 2 misdemeanor, and you could serve up to four months in jail and pay a hefty fine. If they’ve been arrested in Tempe City Court or one of the Justice courts, they have to be careful because if they’re convicted that could go on their record and it could affect their future. Possibly getting employment or security clearances and job applications.

They really need an experienced lawyer to try to get the case dismissed or try to get them what’s called diversion. A diversion offer is where, if negotiated with a prosecutor, a defendant is allowed to do maybe, a class or community service, and if they successfully complete that diversion and they prove it to the state, then their charges may be dismissed, and it will not go on the person’s record.

By Michael Munoz

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