The MVD will suspend your drivers license for 90 days unless you act within the first 15 days of your arrest!

Call now and not only will we handle your DUI but we will also deal with the MVD and make sure your license does not get suspended by default.

We can put the suspension on hold and fight the MVD hearing process to protect your driving privilege.

A List of the Mandatory Minimums and Sentence Ranges*

In Arizona, the penalties for a DUI conviction depend on the type of DUI that was charged, and on the Defendant’s criminal record.

A previous DUI counts as a prior for the purposes of Sentencing if it occurred within 7 years (84 months) of the current arrest.

NOTE : The sentence guidelines below presuppose a completely clean felony record. Historical priors may significantly enhance any felony sentence.

First Offense “Super Extreme” DUI (BAC .200 or higher)


Range of 45 to 180 days in jail. Minimum of 45 consecutive days in jail (this is not a typo!). The court is not allowed to suspend ANY of the minimum 45 consecutive days in jail.


Approximately$3,250 in fines and costs, plus jail costs. The more jail time imposed the greater the additional costs.

NOTE: Jail costs can amount to thousands of dollars in addition to the fines and costs.


The MVD will suspend your drivers’ license for 90 days. You may be eligible for a work/school permit after the first 30 days of the suspension.


If convicted you must get a substance abuse evaluation and comply with any recommendation.


You may be placed on probation for up to five years.


The court may impose community service.


The court may order you to attend one or more sessions of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victims Impact Panel.


Required for 18 months after license reinstatement.

By Michael Munoz

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