The Chandler, Arizona DUI Process and how a Competent Attorney can Benefit You

In most cases, as in Chandler, Arizona, a DUI arrest starts with a simple traffic stop. You might have been pulled over for a minor traffic violation that was observed by the officer in question. This could be something as simple a speeding or running a red light. You might have come across a sobriety checkpoint on a road block. If you are found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both, you need to call a Chandler DUI attorney as soon as you receive a chance.

Being Arrested for DUI in Chandler

If you have been arrested for DUI in Chandler, Arizona, you will very soon have your court date. The first course of action after arrest is usually to have your blood test taken. Within the police department, there are several officers who are qualified and trained to take your blood. They even has a blood draw room for all Chandler DUI cases handled by the police department. Therefore, the first thing you need to do before irreparable damage is done is to hire a Chandler DUI lawyer to represent you.

Drunk Driving Arraignment

The arraignment process will be easier for you if you have sought the help of a Chandler DUI lawyer. In this case, you will not need to attend your first court date in a Chandler municipal court since your DUI attorney will handle that situation for you. If you haven’t hired a lawyer, you have to attend the court proceedings on the first day. While judges and prosecutors in Chandler are well meaning and tolerant, you might not attain a simple dismissal for a DUI case.

Building Your DUI Defense Case

The first thing you need to do is find a good private practice attorney who will defend you in the Chandler court. A qualified and experienced Chandler DUI attorney will build a strong defense by collecting and evaluating all evidence pertaining to your case. The attorney could also obtain exculpatory evidence that can be used in your favor. This evidence includes any blood or urine samples that were obtained by the police department in the initial hours of the case. Your lawyer may ask for this evidence to be retested in an independent lab. Other evidence that would be gathered includes reviews of the initial police reports, other evidence taken, the complaint registered, as well as the test results and any photographs taken.  An experienced DUI Lawyer in Chandler, Arizona will also ensure that the 911 call transcripts have been reviewed so as to find any loopholes or flaws in the evidence that might be used against you.

Type of DUI Case & Trial

If you have been arrested in a DUI case, you need to quickly become acquainted with the various aspects of Chandler, AZ DUI law and speak with an attorney at the earliest. You may be charged under many different types of offenses such as Extreme Super Extreme, or Aggravated DUI. If you have been convicted for DUI in the past or were caught with a DUI with a child under 15 years of age in the vehicle, you could be facing a felony DUI offense which is known as Aggravated DUI. On the other hand, if you had a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent or higher, you have most likely been arrested for Extreme DUI.  Another type of DUI arrest is the Super Extreme DUI which means that your blood alcohol content was higher than 0.20 percent. In these difficult cases, do not waste any time speaking to your Chandler DUI lawyer.

Smart DUI Defense

Once the charges have been framed and understood, your attorney can work towards your acquittal or at least reduce your sentence as much as the Arizona law will allow. To do this, your attorney will creatively figure out if there is need for independent experts who could be of service or help bolster your case.

They will discuss all the aspects of the case with you and once the DUI trial date is scheduled, your Chandler DUI attorney will give you a clear idea of what chances you have and what is the line of defense that they intend to follow. With good representation, you can rest assured that they will work hard and smart to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

By Michael Munoz

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