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If you are facing a DUI charge in Tempe, AZ, you may be feeling overwhelmed, scared, and confused by the process. This legal matter is one of the most common that people face, but it is also one of the most complicated. Breath tests involve complex science and can sometimes be difficult to prove in court, so even if you’ve failed a breathalyzer test, you still have hope. Contact a Tempe DUI attorney to find out what can be done for your case.

Changes in body physiology, misuse of the test, and calibration issues for the machine can lead to a false high reading for blood alcohol content, or BAC. A good Tempe DUI lawyer knows where to look and how to gain access to the data needed in order to see if your breath test results were accurate or not. This information can make a big difference for you in court or when working out a deal with prosecutors. If there is a possibility you had a lower BAC, it can mean reduced punishment or charges may be dropped entirely, depending on your situation.

Just how severe are the punishments you face? If you are a first-time offender, you may be sentenced to 10 to 180 days in jail and fined for $1800 to $3,250 (plus jail costs). You also face suspension of your license for 90 days, as well as 12 to 18 months with an ignition interlock device installed on your car after your license is reinstated. Penalties can also include counseling, community service, and required attendance at MADD Victims’ Impact Panels, as well as probation for as long as five years. What the court orders for you will depend on your blood alcohol level as well as other factors. A good Tempe DUI lawyer can work with you to prove that you deserve a lighter punishment.

If this is your second time facing DUI charges, the penalties are more severe. Again, it depends on your BAC, but you may face 120 to 180 days of jail time as well as fines of $3,750 to $4,000 plus jail costs. Your license won’t just be suspended; it will be revoked for a full year, which means you are also not eligible for a work or school permit. Reinstatement of the license is not automatic, and if it is, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device on your car for 1 to 2 years. Also, you will likely be given community service hours, counseling requirements, and required attendance at MADD Victims’ Impact Panels. When your jail time is over, you will be put on probation for up to 5 years.

If this is your third Tempe DUI charge within seven years, you had a child under 15 in the car, or got your Tempe DUI while using a suspended or restricted license, you will face a felony charge. You may be sentenced to up to 4 months in jail and face fines as high as $150,000, as well as counseling, classes, probation, and an ignition interlock device on your vehicle when you get your license back.

The punishments you face can make a big difference in your life for years to come. You don’t have to navigate these tricky legal waters alone. Get help from a qualified Tempe DUI attorney who is ready to aggressively fight for the best deal possible for you. You deserve to have your rights represented.

By Michael Munoz

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