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Facing a DUI in Tempe Municipal Court? Here is what to expect

The Tempe Municipal Court is located at 140 E 5th St # 150 Tempe, AZ 85281.  Directly across the street from the court is a parking garage that makes for easy access to the court.  When going through the court expect to go through security.  If facing DUI or criminal charges you must head to the second floor where all the criminal courts are located. Presently, there are two court rooms in rotation for all criminal cases.  Your case will be assigned to one of these court rooms.  The Prosecutor’s office is located in the same building as the court and the assigned prosecutor on your case will be present for your court hearing so that your DUI attorney can conduct plea negotiations with him or her and schedule future hearings.

The Tempe City Prosecutors consider DUI charges a very serious crime.  It is important that you hire a experienced Tempe DUI lawyer that not only understands the complexities of DUI laws but also is experienced in practicing in Tempe Municipal Court in DUI.  The Tempe City Prosecutors handle thousands of DUIs and are familiar with Tempe DUI attorneys who regularly practice in that court.  It is important that a person hires a Tempe DUI attorney that already knows how to operate the Tempe CIty Court system and not learn while they are on the job.

An experienced DUI Attorney in Tempe knows that it may be possible to get home detention for their clients and also have jail terms sometimes served in Tempe City Jail instead of tent city.  Tempe DUI Attorneys who regularly practice in the City of Tempe understand how the court operates and will fight aggressively to get your Tempe DUI dismissed or pled down to a reduced charge to minimize your criminal liability.

By Michael Munoz

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