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As someone facing a Glendale DUI charge, it’s likely you realize that this is a serious matter. The punishment can seem harsh, with jail time and high fines. But what you may not realize is that you can fight the charge – even if you failed a breathalyzer test. Sometimes the test results are not accurate, due to issues like mouth alcohol, machine calibration, user error, and your unique body physiology.

The science behind these tests is complicated, so it can be hard to prove the results in court. A Glendale DUI lawyer can help you to uncover the truth behind your blood alcohol results. Where they accurate? Or were there other factors that were not considered? Additionally, field tests are very subjective, so much is dependent on the officer’s credibility. It is not an exact science, which can be to your benefit. Your Glendale DUI attorneys can help you to better understand what you can do to fight to get charges dropped or reduced, or to receive a better deal.

Is this your first offense? Good news, you may have more options at your disposal, such as community service and counseling, to avoid extended jail time and high fines. Here are just a few of the possible punishments you face depending on your BAC:

How can you get a good deal? Talk to your Glendale DUI attorney to find out what options are available for your specific situation. No two cases are exactly alike, so you want to get advice for your unique case.

Is this your second offense? It may be even more important to get professional legal advice from a Glendale DUI attorney, since the penalties you face are even more strict. Here are some of the possible punishments depending on your BAC:

What if you are facing felony aggravated DUI charges? This occurs if this is your third DUI charge in 7 years, there was a child under 15 in the car, or you were also driving with a suspended or restricted license. You may face punishments such as:

This can be a scary, confusing time, but you don’t need to navigate these tricky legal waters alone. You can get professional, compassionate help from a Glendale DUI attorney. You deserve an aggressive defense for your situation, so call a DUI lawyer in Glendale today.

By Michael Munoz

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