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A Gilbert DUI charge is a serious matter. The penalties can be harsh, even if this is your first DUI. That’s why it’s important for you to work with a qualified, experienced Gilbert DUI attorney. You want to get the best deal possible for you, whether that means working to get charges reduced or dropped completely. With the right Gilbert DUI lawyer at your side, you can find out if the breathalyzer results were inaccurate due to user error, problems with the machine’s calibration, or changes in your body’s physiology. These machines are not always correct, so it’s in your best interest to ensure that all protocol was followed correctly. Also, field tests are very subjective, so it may be possible to fight any conclusions that were drawn from those. There is hope for a defense, so you should contact a Gilbert DUI attorney to find out what’s the best strategy for you.

First-time Gilbert DUI offenders face different penalties depending on many factors, including blood alcohol content. You could be sentenced to 10 to 180 days in jail, as well as associated jail costs, fines of $1800 to $3250, a license suspension of 90 days, a year to 18 months of an ignition interlock device on your car, counseling, community service hours, and attendance at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Victims’ Impact Panels. You can also be put on probation for up to five years. The good news is that as a first-time offender, it is likely you have more options to avoid extended jail time and higher fines by opting for counseling and community service hours instead. Your Gilbert DUI can talk about what options you may be eligible for, and you can let him or her know what you would most like to avoid, if possible. Together, you can work toward the best possible outcome.

If this is your second-time facing a DUI charge, you can still fight the charges or work towards reduced punishment. It is even more important to have a Gilbert DUI lawyer on your side since you face even stiffer punishments, such as 120 to 180 days in jail, up to $4000 in fines, and license revocation – not just a license suspension. This means that you will have no chance for a work or school permit, so you won’t be able to drive for at least a year. Reinstatement of your license is also not guaranteed. With so much at risk, it is crucial to have expert legal advice before proceeding or accepting any arrangement.

If this is your third Gilbert DUI charge, you were driving with a suspended or restricted license when the DUI was given, or there was a child under 15 in the car at the time, you will be charged with a felony aggravated DUI. You may spend up to 4 months in jail or have to pay up to $150,000 in fines, as well as many of the same punishments for lesser DUIs that were mentioned, such as counseling and an ignition interlock device. A Gilbert DUI can work with you to see if you can get the charges reduced.

Remember, even if you failed a breathalyzer test, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were guilty of the charges. Work with a Gilbert DUI lawyer to find out if you were actually above the legal limit when the breath test was given, and what other options you have at your disposal. You have a much better chance of protecting your rights if you work with the professional legal advice of a Gilbert DUI attorney.

By Michael Munoz

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