What To Do If The Police Contact YouIf you are contacted by the police and the police want to talk to you about anything, the first thing you should ask them the specific reason why they are calling you. If the police will not give you a straight answer and altogether fail in giving you a reason, then you may have cause to worry that you may be the focus of an investigation.

In any case, you have the right to tell the police that you are not going to answer any of their questions without your attorney present. This may seem like a harsh response, but until you know what the police are questioning you for, you should err on the side of caution in protecting your legal rights.

If the police ask you to come to the police station for questioning, you should ask them why they need to question you. If they will not give you a reason, you should notify them that you are only going to show up at the station with your attorney and that you need some time to consult your attorney first. You should then immediately contact your attorney for further consultation and advice.

Some people may believe that it may be better for the situation to be¬†cooperative with the police, show them good faith and that you are trying to help in any way with an investigation. However, this may be mistake because you don’t always know what the police officers are looking for and this may lead to you incriminating yourself in an investigation. The police officer’s job is to investigate the crime, gather facts, and look for the person who committed a crime. If the police believe you committed the crime, they are going to do everything possible to find out more about you. It is important to always consult an attorney in this situation to understand your rights and protect yourself.

By Michael Munoz

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