Trying to understand the different warrants can be confusing. Some of the different warrants include bench warrants, arrest warrants, and search warrants.

If you are served with a search warrant, the police officer serving you will have a copy of the warrant and it should be very clear as to where they can search and what they are looking for. It is important to ask to see a copy of the search warrant and to immediately contact an experienced criminal attorney if a search warrant is served on you.

For arrest warrants or bench warrants, the police officer will immediately arrest you. Arrest warrants are supported by an affidavit setting forth specific allegations. These affidavits are prepared by a police officer or a prosecuting attorney and the warrant is then issued by a judge or magistrate. A bench warrant is issued directly from a judge or magistrate as a result of your failure to appear in court or due to a violation of a prior order of the court. For arrest and bench warrants, there is no obligation for the officer to show you the warrant document. In these cases, you will be taken to the police station and then you can call your attorney.

By Michael Munoz

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