›››The following content is an excerpt from a live interview with Richard Jacobs founder of my DUI Attorney dot org. The interview has been transcribed and contains information for educational purposes only. Please call Michael Munoz to get legal advice for your particular situation

Interviewer: How do people find out if there’s a warrant for their arrest? What should they do if they do find out they DO have a warrant?

Munoz: There’s many different ways a person can find out if they have a warrant. If a person was arrested in the past but never got a court date, or heard anything back from the police or the court system, they should probably be suspicious and should probably check with either the police or courts or somewhere that’s involved if there’s a warrant for their arrest.

At the same time, they need to be very, very careful, because if they have a warrant and you talk to the police, the police are going to arrest you immediately because that’s their job.

Munoz: What I always tell people in these situations is if you’re arrested and you’ve never been given a court date, and never heard anything or received anything in the mail, you should probably be concerned that there may be a warrant for your arrest out there.

Interviewer: Okay.

By Michael Munoz

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