›››The following content is an excerpt from a live interview with Richard Jacobs founder of my DUI Attorney dot org. The interview has been transcribed and contains information for educational purposes only. Please call Michael Munoz to get legal advice for your particular situation

Interviewer: What are the kinds of behavior leads to these charges? Talking about racing or having alcohol or drugs in your blood, do people just run people over or are there other kind of actions that you see commonly that do get charged for these crimes?

Munoz: Sure, you can see a vehicular crime that was intentional where somebody is sober essentially. But once the crime is intentional, it really doesn’t matter if you’re driving a car or not. If the state can prove you did something intentionally then it’s no different then a murder with a gun because the car becomes the weapon.
Aggravated assault, is where someone does not die. but the state has to prove that you recklessly injured somebody. Then you also have endangerment. Endangerment is a Class 6 felony and it’s where the state would have to prove that you endangered somebody else’s life by putting them in risk of substantial physical injury or death. And then you have other types of vehicular crimes. A common one is leaving the scene of a serious, physical injury collision or leaving the scene of a collision that caused a death. All of these offenses I’ve talked about are felonies and they are all very serious.

By Michael Munoz

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