Probation Officers

Probation OfficersWhen an individual is given probation by a court, they are assigned a probation officer. This officer is given a lot of power and authority from courts regarding some of a probationer’s individual freedoms. Probation officers have the ability to determine whether or not you are successfully completing your probation or if you are in violation of your probation terms. While on probation, you have less constitutional rights, in terms of a probation officer being able to show up at any time at your home, residence, and/or employment place to perform a probationary search.

For instance, if you are on probation due to a weapons violation, the probation officer may show up at your house at midnight to make sure you don’t have weapons on your person or in your home. If a curfew is part of your probationary terms, then they may show up at your house to ensure that you have arrived at your house before the designated curfew time.

Furthermore, if your probation is due to a controlled substance violation, the probation officer may have the right to perform a drug or alcohol test on you at any time. They also may have the right and authority to modify the terms of your probation, by adding or deleting terms.

If you are on probation, it is always good to develop a good relationship with the probation officer based on good communication. This type of relationship may enable and convince the probation officer to terminate the probation time period early.

By Michael Munoz

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