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Then you have leaving the scene of a collision or fatal injury collision. The best defense for the leaving the scene is that you didn’t actually leave. Sometimes people are scared after a collision, they might drive off a few hundred feet but then they turn around – that’s very common.

The best defense in those cases is that you actually didn’t leave, or you were scared. There are unique circumstances where people believe a collision is minor, yet somebody was hurt. They just don’t realize that it was a collision they should’ve returned to and that it wasn’t minor.

Interviewer: Can you be charged if you were in a single car accident? Let’s say you crash into a cactus or a light pole and you don’t report it and you think your car is fine. Could that be considered leaving the scene of accident?

Munoz: It can. If nobody is injured then that is a Class 1 misdemeanor. It’s leaving the scene of a property collision only. It’s not as serious an offense, but yes people are charged with it.

On those situations it really only comes up if other people notice it and police find you later.

By Michael Munoz

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