In most cases, if the State is trying to charge a juvenile as an adult, it is helpful if the case stays within the juvenile judicial system.

As a general practice, many criminal defense lawyers try to do everything that can to ensure that the case stays in the juvenile court system.

Keeping Convictions Off Adult Criminal Record

The main reason to keep cases within the juvenile system is that if a juvenile is convicted and tried in a juvenile system, their conviction record will be sealed when they turn 18 years of age. Nobody will be able to see the charge and it will not be shown on their adult record. That is very important because a juvenile can change their life and become a productive member of society.

It would be detrimental for a juvenile to have a felony conviction on their record, especially when applying for jobs and going to college. Keeping the case in the juvenile system is extremely important because anything that happens in the juvenile system will be sealed and nobody will have access to it.

If a case goes to the adult system and the juvenile is tried and convicted as an adult that criminal recored will stay with the juvenile into adulthood.

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