Delinquent Acts

When a juvenile is alleged to have committed a crime, the juvenile court refers to these as a “delinquent act.” The purpose for different terminology in juvenile court system is to promote a comfortable and rehabilitating environment that does not overly intimidate the juvenile. As many people know, a court can be scary place.

The juvenile courts also refer to the pre-trial conference of a court hearing as a pre-adjudication hearing. The trial in a juvenile court is then referred to as an adjudication hearing. If a juvenile is convicted of a particular crime, then they found to be delinquent. Also, being incarcerated is called detention.

For attorneys without experience in the juvenile court system, the terminology can be very confusing.

Juvenile Courts In The State Of Arizona

In Arizona, the major juvenile court system is essentially the Maricopa County Superior Court with the Juvenile Court Division being within the court system. Pinal County also has a similar Superior Court system a Juvenile Court Division. Many of the City court systems in Arizona do not have juvenile court systems. Most of the juvenile cases done at Munoz Law are done in the Maricopa and Pinal County Superior Courts, so we are very familiar with their procedures and how cases are dealt with there.

Juvenile Detention Centers In The State Of Arizona

In Arizona, the Juvenile Detention Centers are generally more comfortable environments than the standard adult jail centers. Jail cells are referred to as rooms and juveniles attend classes to continue their education. There are also several different group meetings that juveniles can participate while in detention. It is a much different environment than what you will find in the adult jail centers.

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