Type Of Tests Conducted By TASCThe Treatment Assessment Screening Center (aka TASC), is a state-of-the-art testing labratory that is used by law enforcement agencies to conduct urine analysis to determine the presence of controlled substances within an individual.

Typically, TASC is used to regularly test certain individuals to determine if they are meeting terms of their probation related to substance abuse. What usually happens is a person will be issued a particular color and TASC will do a random selection of a color to determine who and when a person must come in for testing. If your color is selected by TASC, they will notify you to come in for testing. This random testing is done so that people cannot track when TASC is going to test, so the system is likely to be cheated.

Usually, when an individual receives a call to report to TASC for testing, they have to report by the end of business day to participated in the urine analysis.

No matter what controlled substance you have been convicted for, you are not allowed to any type of controlled substance. For instance, if you were convicted under a marijuana charge and put on the TASC program, you are still not allowed to drink alcohol. TASC has tests available to determine whether or not you have had alcohol in the past for a long period of time. So, I tell all my claims not to drink while they’re in the TASC program. Also, you would not want to test positive for a harder drug, such as cocaine. If any substance is detected, you will likely get kicked out of the program and have they prosecution may reinstate prosecution on you on your controlled substance charge.

You should also be aware that drug testing agencies such as TASC are aware of the various methods that people use to “beat the system.” For example, there are different liquids that purport to dilute or clean out your system or different ways to try to trick the testers. Many of these trick methods are aimed at diluting the urine sample, which doesn’t work out in the end because TASC has ways to know if it is a “diluted” sample and will fail the test. Since a diluted system is evidence of cheating the system it will likely come out negatively against the person. They may not file a separate charge against you unless you are questioned and it is found that you have the controlled substance on your person. The big issue is that you will likely get kicked out of the TASC program with the State reinstating the felony charges against you. So, the best and safest method is to just comply with whatever you have been asked to do and to not do any controlled substances that will fail you.

When you enter a TASC center Maricopa County, you are first escorted to what is equivalent of a private bathroom. However, it is not so private as it has a window. A TASC representative always has the ability to watch you use the restroom. They’re very diligent about making sure that it’s you and not somebody else.

If you are arrested for felony possession of drugs, each program does cost money to the person who participates. The costs can be fairly high. That is why it is important for a participant to do as good as they, so they can possibly get the program time reduced and save money. The longer the program, the more expensive it’s going to be. The price also differs based based on what type of drug you were arrested for. The more severe the drug, the more expensive and the program is longer.

For instance, TASC programs recognize that heroin indicates a more severe drug problem and the monitoring is much longer and more extensive.

Eligibility for TASC may be based on a person’s prior drug offenses. This is usually based on the internal policies of the County Attorney. One, the County Attorney will want to make sure you don’t have any violent prior convictions. If a person does have any violent prior history at all, they will not offer you the TASC program. If your case involves a weapon, they will not offer you the TASC program. So, a good defense lawyer is going to see these things ahead of time and if one of those eligibility problems arises, a good defense lawyer is going to everything he can to still try to get you into the TASC program.

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