Testing And Screening Center (TASC)In Arizona, courts will use the Testing Assessment Screening Centers (TASC) for offenses involving alcohol and drug abuse to assist in drug screening programs.

For instance, if you have been caught with methamphetamine or cocaine, that’s a very serious offense known as a Class 4 felony. A court may give you the opportunity to do a TASC program. Assuming that the State has a good case against you, then it is usually recommended to agree to go through the program. Upon completion of the program, you complete the arrest and the charges get erased from your record like it never happened.

The length of the TASC problem depends on how well you do in the program. For example, in cases involving marijuana, the program can be approximately six months. However, if you show up to all of your appointments, never miss any of your scheduled drug tests, and the tests come back that you have no illegal drugs in your systems, the program could likely be shortened to three months. Other programs can be more lengthy. If you were arrested for heroine, then that program is significantly longer because the drug is more inherently dangerous. The TASC program will want to monitor you longer and make sure you test, and remain clean from the drug.

If a drug test comes back “dirty,” there are typically two different things that can happen. One, the person can be kept in the program longer or two, the person can actually be kicked out of the program. In Maricopa County, if a person fails the TASC program and is kicked out, then the State will most likely file a motion to reinstate prosecution and the offending person will be facing felony charges all over again.

By Michael Munoz

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