In Arizona, a conviction of possessing any illegal drug is always going to result in a felony of some sort. The most common drug offense charge is possession of marijuana charge, which is a Class 6 felony. Along with this charge, there is usually a drug paraphernilia charge, for the possession of instruments used to either ingest the drug or to contain or hold the drug. Regardless of what type of drug it is, this will be a paraphernalia charge, which is also a Class 6 felony.

Class 6 felonies are the lowest form of felony in Arizona. As more dangerous drugs become involved in the crime, there are more severe offenses. For example, possession of “dangerous drugs” in Arizona is a Class 4 felony. Dangerous drugs, as defined under Arizona law, include a whole list of different drugs classified as dangerous.

One of the most common dangerous drugs are methamphetamine. A conviction of possession of this drug can result in a Class 4 felony in Arizona. Another Class 4 felony is possession of narcotic drugs. Under the defintion of Arizona law, there are several types of drugs that can be classied as “narcotics.” The most common narcotic drug is crack cocaine and just straight cocaine. If a person is convicted of possession of any of these types of dangerous drugs, they will classified as Class 4 felonies in Arizona.

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