What Conflicts Are Considered Domestic Violence?A lot of people hear the words “domestic violence,” or the term DV, and automatically think of a violent husband and wife situation. In reality, domestic violence cases involve varying degrees of seriousness and there are numerous circumstances that must be considered for there to be a domestic violence case.

The obvious case involves a husband and wife. However, two people that live together in the same house, even if they are not married or dating, can also be part of a domestic violence case. For example, there could be two college students that live in the same apartment and get into an argument with each other.

If the police are called because they are arguing or fighting, that case can be turned into a domestic violence case because they live in the same household. A domestic violence case can also arise if two people who share a child argue even though they are not married and do not live with each other.

There are divers ways that a person can be charged with domestic violence. A common charge in Arizona is disorderly conduct, which a class 1 misdemeanor. Disorderly conduct means you disturbed the peace of someone in your home or neighborhood.
When they add the allegation of domestic violence, the state must prove that you either live with the person, are married to the person, or have a child in common. It does not necessarily mean that you beat your wife. Again, it might just mean two college roommates who live with each other and had an argument.

Disorderly conduct does not necessarily have to be physical and can include threatening behavior that is verbal. A situation may be where a boyfriend and girlfriend living with each other and get into a very loud argument at 10 o’clock at night. Perhaps the neighbor calls the police. It is common for police to make an arrest because of liability issues. The police do not want a situation to progress between two people who are angry with each other. Even if one of the arguing persons has never been in trouble before or had never hurt anyone physically in their life, they could still be facing a criminal charge of domestic violence.

If convicted of this domestic violence charge, that person will now carry a charge that could lead others to believe that they were a very violent person. Every time that person applies for school or a job, they may be required to disclose the domestic violence offense. That is why it is important to discuss these issues with an attorney to determine a course of action to address the domestic violence allegations.

By Michael Munoz

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