Disorderly Conduct: Disturbing Peace

Disorderly Conduct Disturbing PeaceWe also handle cases involving disorderly conduct, which could involve small or large skirmishes. All of these cases involve “disturbing the peace.” Many people do not realize that all it really takes for disorderly conduct charge is for some to say, “Hey, he disturbed my peace.” This could be enough for police to arrest someone for disorderly conduct.

It may seem like a ridiculous charge, but many have used the system in this way to get someone arrested. What you may feel is a simple protest could be charged as disorderly conduct.

For instance if you are peacefully protesting with a sign outside of a business and were yelling something like, “This must stop! This must stop!” you could be arrested. As long as a person is willing to say under oath that the person disturbed their peace, then the disorderly charge could go forward. In the past, the police have used this type of complaint to stop protests and arrest people.

By Michael Munoz

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