Crash in Chandler Leads to Attempted Carjacking

On Wednesday night a 46-year old Phoenix area resident had a harrowing experience in Chandler.  While out driving in a quiet area near Chandler Gilbert Community College she was suddenly rear-ended by a dark colored Nissan truck.  The truck raced up behind her from out of nowhere for her description.

She chose to drive forward to one of the community college entrances with the truck following closely behind.  She assumed they would examine the damages, exchange information, and then both go on their way.  Then this accident took a sudden twist which shocked her and has the police dismayed.

Upon exiting her car she was quickly tackled to the ground by a thin white male approximately 6 feet tall.  He began yelling obscenities at her and demanding she had over her car keys.  She resisted which resulted in him pulling out a knife and cutting her several times on the head.   The man had numerous tattoos on his arms and neck along with several visible sores on his neck.  The attacker has dirty blonde hair.

Since the woman refused to relinquish her keys the assailant raced away with his accomplice in their scratched and dented Nissan truck.  His accomplice was slight taller and heavier and also had tattoos on his arms.

Recovering But Still Severely Shaken

The victim is recovering from her injuries and shock.  The Chandler area police force reports this is the first report of this tactic being employed in their area.  Once the attacker and his accomplice are located this crime could result in a series of charges which might include:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Attempted Grand Theft Auto
  • Vehicular Hit and Run

The aggravated assault and theft charges are both felonies, while the hit and run is considered a misdemeanor in Arizona since no injuries or deaths resulted from the accident.  There may be other charges which come under consideration as the investigation continues and the prosecuting attorney reviews the facts.  It can be assumed the maximum penalties will be pursued in this violent case.

It is difficult to imagine the horror the woman felt as this simple accident suddenly turned into a violent attack threatening her life and the potential loss of her car.  Her actions may have been courageous trying to protect her vehicle, but in most cases law enforcement authorities would recommend surrendering your property and protecting your personal safety.

Is There a Viable Defense?

When apprehended the suspects will require the services of a very talented team of defense attorneys to attempt to reduce their stay in prison.  There are sure to be many questions presented by the defense concerning the woman’s ability to accurately identify the suspects and if she was somehow responsible for the initial accident.

If the evidence is strong the criminal defense attorney may recommend his clients seek a more lenient sentencing in exchange for pleading guilty to their charges.  Hopefully these criminals will be located and brought to justice in the near future for the safety of all residents in the Phoenix area.  Their failure in this carjacking attempt may not thwart future attempts on their part.

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