Civil Air Patrol Students use drunk driving course to learn dangers of drinking and driving

PHOENIX – Arizona cadets in the Civil Air Patrol attended a drunk driving course at the Deer Valley Airport regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol use and how the decision we take can affect other people’s life.

Kevin Deinzer with the Civil Air Patrol, also a participant attending the session said, “They’re all friends so it shares between the friends. They think about it a little bit more when they do get in a situation where they’ve been drinking or a friend has been drinking and driving or drug use tobacco.”

Deinzer says, “It’s just to give the awareness to the cadets about drug use and the consequences that may come of it.”

Courtney Deinzer, a Civil Air Patrol Cadet, shares his learning’s saying, “It teaches us self discipline and just knowing what’s right and what not to do.”

Courtney is just 14 and is the public affairs officer for the unit. She mentioned how this crucial knowledge will be shared with teens at home as well as other students at school. “I just like seeing all the things they bring out here, the things that are interesting, I like learning about why drugs are bad and what they can do to you” said Courtney Deinzer.

Popular educational tools demonstrate how driving and drinking don’t go hand in hand. An educational tool combining of beer goggles and pedal cars brings action to the theory, apart from the helicopter, the k9 unit and the smashed evidence used to show the dangers of drunk driving. The students were made to use them on the course to learn the dangers of drunk driving. The activity was very creative and helpful in passing the message and hazards of drunk driving.


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