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DUI Breathalyzer Myths

Taking a breathalyzer while being investigated for a DUI is no fun. This graphic dispels some common myths about DUI breathalyzers. The safest way to avoid a DUI is not to drive a vehicle. The Munoz Law Office defends those accused of DUI and challenges the accuracy and reliability of breathalyzers. DUI enforcement in Arizona is serious and Prosecuting agencies in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chand... Read More

Gun Laws in America

Guns! Guns! Guns! Even if you have been living in a cave you likely know about the controversy over gun rights in America. The recent mass shootings in the United States has awakened the debate on the right to bear arms. While the biggest political fight will always be whether Americans should be allowed to possess guns it seems that our right to bear arms is safe for now. This graphic helps... Read More

Prevent being charged with an Aggravated DUI

If you have been convicted of a DUI in Arizona  you already know how serious the consequences are.  Specifically, the amount of mandatory jail and the high fines and fees are enough to make most people very careful to not drink and drive.  Unfortunately, there are times when people still make the same mistake and are arrested for a 2nd DUI.  A second DUI conviction in Arizona can cause the sus... Read More

Most Scandalous DUIs in US Politics

Even the people who write the laws find themselves breaking the law. Below is an infographic of some of the most scandalous DUIs that our politicians have found themselves in. ... Read More

Arizona legislator arrested on DUI charge in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - According to police reports, state representative David Burnell Smith was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in north Scottsdale on October 21. He faces two counts of driving under the influence and one of making an unsafe lane change. Smith, a personal-injury attorney at Smith Law Firm in Scottsdale, who is an Arizona legislature, is a Republican who represents... Read More

Former Arizona Diamondbacks player Mark Grace indicted on four felony DUI counts

PHOENIX - According to authorities, former Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman and television analyst Mark Grace has been indicted in a DUI case. If convicted, Grace could be facing between one and 3.75 years in prison. However, he could face less time in jail if he pleads guilty to reduced charges. According to authorities, Grace is not eligible to probation because it was his second DUI charge i... Read More

Arizona woman killed early Friday morning in DUI crash on Hwy. 128

A 20-year-old Tucson, Ariz. woman was killed in a solo-vehicle crash on Hwy 128 early Friday morning. A 32-year-old man from San Francisco was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and gross manslaughter. According to the California Highway Patrol, Ryan J. Wallis, driver of the 2008 GMC 2500 pickup truck was reportedly driving at a speed of about 60 miles per hour east on Highway 128 around 3 am... Read More

Arizona Sheriff legally drunk in fatal crash

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Larry Dever, 60, the Cochise County sheriff, died in a one-vehicle wreck in northern Arizona with a blood alcohol level three times that of the legal limit. The exact level of alcohol was specified after the autopsy at 0.291 percent. The legal limit in Arizona is 0.08 percent. The autopsy also revealed that Dever was driving without a seat belt and authorities reported that he ... Read More

Civil Air Patrol Students use drunk driving course to learn dangers of drinking and driving

PHOENIX - Arizona cadets in the Civil Air Patrol attended a drunk driving course at the Deer Valley Airport regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol use and how the decision we take can affect other people's life. Kevin Deinzer with the Civil Air Patrol, also a participant attending the session said, "They're all friends so it shares between the friends. They think about it a little bit more wh... Read More

Suspected drunk driver rams PCSO car during chase

CATALINA, Ariz. - Deputies from Pinal County Sheriff's Office have arrested John Contreras, a Tucson man, after a wild chase and charged him against multiple felony charges. The incident occurred early Tuesday morning when a deputy parked along the side of southbound Highway 77 noticed Contreras in an unsteady state. 31-year-old Contreras was behaving erratically and stopped his Hummer SUV behin... Read More

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