Arizona Man faces a Super Extreme DUI charge

Topock, Arizona – According to a report by Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, a man was imprisoned earlier last month on suspicion of extreme DUI, which, after the breath test showed a blood-alcohol content of .328 percent. In Arizona, anyone with a BAC of 0.08 percent faces a DUI charge.

According to Trish Carter, a Movave County Sherrief Office spokeswoman, last month on June 11th, the police stopped Scott Jarc, a resident of Topock, at 4 a.m. after he was found speeding over the legal limit on County Route 1 near Milepost 1. Upon approaching Jarc after stopping his car, the police officers suspected the fifty two year to be smelling of alcohol. Later onwards, Jarc himself admitted to have consumed alcohol earlier, leading the officials to have him taken to the Mohave County District II Substation for an examination. Analysis of the breathalyzer best revealed his blood alcohol concentration to exceed by a vast amount, as it reported a figure or .328 percent.

Jarc was convicted for driving under the influence and booked into County jail said Carter in a statement.

A person convicted for DUI in Arizona faces a normal DUI with a blood-alcohol concentration over .08 percent, extreme DUI with a blood-alcohol concentration over .15 percent, and super extreme DUI with a blood-alcohol concentration over .20 percent.

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