Arizona man Cited for Felony Count after Vehicular Theft – Father turns son in

AZ – An Arizona man, Jeffrey Spradlin, has been convicted with a felony count of theft after allegedly stealing a truck and driving into the Panhandle region. He remains in Cheyenne County Jail in lieu of $25,000, or a bond with 10 percent.

The thirty year old man, who is a resident of Casagranda, was detained last week on Wednesday following an investigation by the police which began with someone reporting the theft by phone.

The Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office had received a phone call from a receptionist at Hampton Inn Hotel. The receptionist reported that a man – Spradlin – had entered the hotel and demanded money for gas. After declining his demands with a no, Spradlin asked for permission to use the receptionist’s cell phone, so that he could call acquaintances for money. What followed next was that the middle aged man eventually left the hotel in a newer Dodge Ram truck.

After Spradlin had driven off with the truck, the hotel receptionist received a call back, with the caller identifying himself as Doyle Spradlin, Jeffrey’s father, and notifying the receptionist that his son was driving a truck which was stolen from the Omaha area.

The police instantly began searching for the truck, and during the investigation it was learned that Spradlin had also entered the Holiday Inn and requested money for gas.

The quest for finding the broken-down vehicle was rendered unsuccessful numerous time. The authorities later resorted to contacting Spradlin’s ex-girlfriend, who said he had visited her in Bellevue Monday evening while driving the Dodge truck. The ex-girlfriend told the police that Spradlin had neither money nor a driver’s license, and therefore she had her doubts that the truck could be his.

Deputies determined the Kelly Blue Book value on the truck was between $22,024 and $22,624, depending on the condition of the vehicle and its options.

The vehicle was eventually recovered and later in the evening, Spradlin and a local pastor arrived at the CCSO.

During the course of the interview, Spradlin told authorities that he did not steal the truck, but that it had broken down along the westbound rest area along Interstate 80.

Spradlin was eventually booked on a Class III felony count of theft by possessing stolen property. A preliminary hearing for Spradlin is set for Sept. 5.

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